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CY 2019


President: Regina Terranova, MSC USA

1st Vice President: Richard Bambrick, OOCL USA

2nd Vice President: Christine Solorzano, Shipco Transport

3rd Vice President: Joseph O’Brien, Port of Virginia

Chairman: Victor DiPaolo, DiPaolo Associates

Secretary: Tom O’Brien, IMS

Treasurer: Ana Cepeda, Shipco Transport

Board of Governors

Breck Benja Jr., C.H. Powell Co. – Term Exp. 2019

Mike DiVirgilio, Michael J. DiVirgilio  & Associates LLC – Term Exp. 2019

John O’Brien, Direct Chassis Link Inc. – Term Exp. 2020

Sue Coffey, NW Seaport Alliance – Term Exp. 2021

Carl Varner, Fornazor – Term Exp. 2021

Rob Walther, RoadOne IntermodaLogistics – Term Exp. 2021