Board of Governors



All members of the Board of Governors are active volunteers that enjoy being a part of the Transportation Industry and want to give back to the Industry and the Charities that we support.




Victor DiPaolo

Turkon America Inc. (Turkon Line)


First Vice President

Regina Terranova

Mediterranean Shipping Company (USA) Inc.


Second Vice President

Richard Bambrick

NYK Line


Third Vice President

Mike DiVirgilio

Michael J. DiVirgilio & Associates LLC



Walter Carney

Ambassador Logistics International Inc.



Brian Kobza

Virginia International Terminals LLC.



Ana Cepeda

Vanguard Logistics Services


Board of Governors

Ed Makowsi

Hamburg Sud line

Term Expiring 2020


Joe O’Brien

Virginia International Terminals

Term Expiring 2019


Breck Benja Jr.


Term Expiring 2020


Christine Solorzaono

ShipCo Transport

TermExpiring 2019


Tom O’Brien

IMS Transport Solutions

Term Expiring 2018


John O’Brien

Direct Chassis Link Inc.

Term Expiring 2018

Dear Member,


On August 29, 2017, the nominating committee of the Foreign Commerce Club of New York, held its’ meeting to finalize a list of candidates for officers and governors for the 2017 annual election. The Officer candidates if elected will serve for calendar year 2018 while Governors will serve three year terms or complete terms already in progress. This list of candidates has been presented to the Secretary, and is hereby presented to the membership.


Victor DiPaolo                                                  President

Regina Terranova                                             First Vice President

Richard Bambrick                                             Second Vice President

Mike DiVirgilio                                                  Third Vice President

Brian Kobza                                                      Secretary

Ana Cepeda                                                      Treasurer

Walter Carney                                                   Chairman

Breck Benja                                                      Governor – 2020

Edward Makowski                                              Governor – 2020

Christine Solorzaono                                          Governor – 2019

Joe O’Brien                                                       Governor – 2019

Tom O’Brien                                                      Governor – 2018

John O’Brien                                                     Governor – 2018

In accordance with Article 6, section 1, of the by-laws of the Foreign Commerce Club of New York.

“Thirty-five members in good standing may place in nomination the names of other members not selected by the nominating committee.

Notification of such nominations shall be delivered to the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of annual election. The Secretary shall then give notice, by mail to all resident members of the report of the nominating committee, as well as any other nominations. Only those members named in that notice will be eligible for election”

Brian K – Secretary
Foreign Commerce Club of New York

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